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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I label my clubs?

You have invested thousands of dollars in your clubs. After an extensive and ongoing trial process, each club has earned its place in your bag. As careful as you are, you know that eventually you will leave a club behind.
$8.95 is a tiny investment to help your favorite wedge or your beloved putter return to your bag.

Why should label my head covers?

Head covers are lost almost as frequently as clubs. The head covers may not have been fully pulled down over the club. Head covers can work their way loose, just from the vibration of moving across rough ground. Or you just plain forget to put the cover on.

How many times have you found some else’s head cover?

A replacement brand name head cover can cost up to $40 PLUS S & H. And a specialty head cover can cost up to $100, PLUS S & H.

Why should I purchase my golf labels from

We are players. We understand how important your clubs and equipment are to you. is Canada’s premier club labeling source. Decades of experience in commercial and industrial labeling applications ensure your labeling needs will be met with a high quality product.

With, $8.95 is all you pay for (20) labels.

PLUS you will receive 6 FREE personalized head cover labels,
a $4.95 value, absolutely FREE !!

Unlike some of our competitors, does not charge for shipping or handling. Some of our competitors will charge an additional 25% to handle and ship your labels.

Your order will include easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

How are’s golf labels made?

Our labels are made from 2mil polyester label stocks. The printed text is thermally fused into the label stock.

The labels have an aggressive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Why use polyester or Mylar® labels?

Mylar® is a registered trade mark of DuPont and is a brand of polyester film. Golf club shafts see a surprising amount of rubbing, scrapping, abrasion and scuffing. Polyester is a tough, tear resistant plastic material; chosen for product rating labels subjected to prolonged outdoor exposure.

How long will my labels last?

That depends on your playing environment, how much you play, the condition of your bag, and how you handle your equipment. We can tell you that after 15 years of use by avid players, our labels are still doing their job; legible, bonded and attractive.

Properly applied, the head cover labels will withstand a 20# static pull.

Why not use paper address labels attached with clear tape?

You could. Frankly, paper labels look cheap and do not convey the polished image of thermal transfer polyester labels. Most clear tape is made of polypropylene which will turn yellow, dry out and peel off with exposure to sun light. The clear tape will ooze adhesive on hot days. The tape ends will fray, tearing and lifting when scuffed.

Some sites promote labels printed by ink jet printers. Why not buy these?

Not recommended. Ink jet printers apply the ink onto a permeable surface, such as paper, which can absorb the ink. Ink jetted labels are much more prone to scuffing as the club shafts are handled or rubbed within your bag.

Thermal transfer printed labels thermally fuse a compatible resin into the polyester label surface.

Will I be charged sales tax or duty?

No, you will NOT be charged sales tax. is considered a “Small Supplier” and has chosen to opt out of HST collection. HST is an acronym for the province of Ontario's 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (8% to Ontario and 5% to the Feds).

No, you will NOT pay duty on golf labels coming into the United States from Canada. There is a Free Trade pact (NAFTA) between the United States and Canada. Canada and the United States have a history of co-operation, friendship and good will.

Will I be billed in Canadian or US dollars? is a Canadian site. Our price is $ 8.95 Canadian, with shipping and handling included!

Currency exchange rates fluctuate. There is a nominal currency conversion charge. For most of recent memory, the Canadian $ has traded below par against the US$. A typical order originating in the US would convert to $ 8.00-$ 8.75 USD.

Bottom line: US customers often end up paying less than $8.95 US, with shipping and handling included.

How long will it take to receive my labels?

We make your labels and put them in the mail within 2 business days. If you live in Canada or the U.S. you should receive them within 7-10 business days of placing your order.

How will my labels arrive?

Your labels will arrive via regular mail in a #10 white business envelope. Assembly instructions
detailing how to apply you labels will be included with your labels. In the upper left hand corner will be the return address. On the back, in red, it will read:


What if my labels don't arrive?

If your labels haven't arrived after 10 business days you should contact us using the instructions on our Customer Service page.

What should I do if something is wrong with my labels?

If your labels are defective or arrive damaged by the postal service we will replace them at no charge. Just contact us using the instructions on our Customer Service page. We cannot, however, be responsible for replacing labels that have incorrect information.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please call and we will try to help you out.

Can I order by telephone?

Yes, call 1-519-684-6983.

Can I order by FAX or mail?

Yes. Print off a copy of the fax order form and follow the instructions. Mail a copy of the fax order form to the address on our Contact page.

Can I get a volume discount?

Maybe. E-mail us at with the specifics of your request.

How can I be sure that my credit card information is safe?

When you proceed to that portion of our order form where your credit card information is requested you'll be notified by your browser that you are entering a secure environment. In addition, the information that you enter remains fully encrypted using SSL®(Secure Socket Layering) protocol throughout the bank authorization process. This insures that your entire credit card transaction stays private and secure.

If you still prefer not to order online, you may click here to obtain and then print our Fax/Mail Order Form.

How and where do I apply the labels to my golf clubs and head covers?

Assembly instructions are included with your labels detailing how and where to apply you labels to your clubs.

Golf club shafts vary in diameter. Driver, woods, irons, wedges and putter shaft sizes are all different. They also vary brand to brand. labels are sized to fit most club shafts with a slight overlap.

Apply your 6 head covers labels to the neck openings of the head covers. Stretch the fabric of the neck and fold the pre-bent head cover label over the neck edge, sandwiching the fabric. With finger pressure, force the label adhesive into the fabric. The resulting bond should withstand a 20# static pull !!

What should my club labels say?

The objective is to have your clubs returned to you.

Key information is Your Name and a means to contact you (your home telephone number, your cell number, your home golf course number, your business number or an e-mail address). The information on your labels depends on your privacy tolerance.

You may also consider:

Your street address or your home golf course or your business

Your city/town and state/province

You may wish to offer a reward for your new $400 driver or your beloved putter.

Within the (24) characters per line constraint, what you print is entirely up you! Spaces, dots, dashes, etc are characters.

3 Line Examples:

A. Player
107 Avid Golfer Lane

A. Player
If found please call
A. Player
Avid Player
Christmas 2010
A. Player
Shady Oaks Golf Club
Avid Player



4 Line Examples:

A. Player
107 Avid Golfer Lane
Parsville MD

A. Player
Shady Oaks Golf Club
If found please call
A. Player
September 2010



All (20) labels of your order will contain exactly the same information.

Remember; when you design your labels, we will print exactly what you have entered. So be careful to recheck your order, including your return address, before you submit it.

What will my head cover labels say?

Head cover labels will have your name and one line of contact information, typically your phone number.

Head cover labels are only available with black printing. The font is small enough that coloured text does not provide sufficient contrast for good legibility.

What font will be used to print my labels?

Arial Bold

Can I create "special formatting" of my labels by inserting additional spaces to spell words vertically on the labels?

No. Labels are printed using a proportional font which will not predictably align characters vertically from line to line.

Can my labels include clip art or other graphics?

For online orders, No.

Email us if you would like information about some of our volume label ordering programs, which produce labels with graphics as well as text. The graphic is preferred in the same color as the text. Our standard colours can used in combination, though at a premium price.

Can I use special characters like Greek letters or other symbols?

Please don’t. We maybe able to accommodate you in a volume order situation.

Do golf club labels create brand awareness?

Absolutely! To an avid player, their golf clubs are not inanimate objects, they are friends. As promotional gifts, these little labels can permanently link your target group’s golf clubs to your brand; your business, your charity, or your course. The player will see your brand, again and again, delivering a positive impression every time a club is pulled from their bag.

Can I use labels for other equipment?

Certainly! Baseball bats, hunting gear, fishing rods, umbrellas, cell phones, range finders and other personal electronic devices. If there is open clean uniform space ¾” x 2”, label away.

Can I remove the labels from one set of clubs and put them on another?

We don't think you would be satisfied with either the appearance or adhesion of reapplied labels.

How do I remove the labels?

Find the overlapped edge of the label and begin peeling it with a fingernail or a small blade. Please be careful whenever using a knife, razor blade or other sharp instrument. You should be able to peel the label off intact; the adhesive material will likely remain on the shaft. Remove the dried adhesive from the shaft with a knife, razor blade or other sharp instrument, followed by isopropyl alcohol or another common household solvent like naphtha. Please exercise care whenever using these and similar flammable liquids.


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